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About Tour

San Francisco Bay area is famous for its traditions of winemaking and cuisine. People from other states and all over the
world come to visit this place.

First, there is the bay and the ocean, that means that there is a huge variety of seafood.
Second, Napa and Sonoma valleys are famous for their wines worldwide.
Third, immigrants from many countries start ethnic farms, shops and restaurants there.
Fourth, the area represents a unique variety of climatic zones, that allows to grow lots of agricultural products.
During the day you will visit a creamery, a meadery, an oyster farm with smokehouse, medieval bakery and one or two
wineries. You will get a unique opportunity to taste grape and honey wines, cheese, honey, seafood, local bread and
other delicacies.

Our first stop is Marin French Cheese creamery that was found in 1865. Soft Brie and Camembert cheeses are
handcrafted according to an old French technology.

Their Triple Crème Brie cheese was the first American cheese to win the World Cheese Awards in London in 2005. After
buying some cheese, honey, crackers, and wine we will have breakfast by a beautiful pond. You will receive a bottle of
white wine as a present from us. The creamery is open daily from 10am.

The next stop is Heidrun apiary and meadery. This farm produces honey from local wild flowers. Besides local honey
they deliver rare varieties of honey from other states: nut honey comes from Hawaiian Islands, orange honey is from
South California, chicory, radish and carrot honey are delivered from Oregon, buckwheat is from Wisconsin and many
other types can be found there. You will have an opportunity to taste all these honey varieties and wine made of it. The
owners of the meadery claim it is the only place in the world where honey wine is champagned using traditional
Champagne method. They are open every day starting at 11 a.m. by appointment.
After a mead tasting session, we will go for lunch to the oyster farm located on the shore of Tomales bay, a narrow and
long bay, where mother nature created unique conditions for oyster farming. You will enjoy the view of fishermen’ boats
floating on calm waves from the terrace of the oyster restaurant that is kind of a shack. There you will taste the best
local dishes such as oysters with white wine, freshly smoked fish and chowder. Oysters are served raw, smoked and

Next you will meet the Wild Flour Bread bakery that uses a medieval technology of baking whole grain brown bread and
fruit pies in a clay oven heated by wooden logs. All ingredients for the pies are grown in their own fruit garden. This
bakery opened in 1998 in a beautiful Freestone valley, a village that consists of just 26 houses, surrounded by fields,
barns and cattle. Open from Friday till Monday.

To finish the day, we will visit one or two wineries in the Russian river area. It is named after Russian settlements in
California or Cape Reyes.

For Example, 

  • McEvoy Ranch is a small farm located in the hills of Petaluma, known for its olive oil and cosmetics made from olives. Over ten wine varieties are produced here.
  • Korbel Winery is known for its Californian Champagnes has over 10 varieties. It is located in the Russian river valley, in a picturesque place with view of the vineyards and redwoods.
  • Iron Horse Vineyards was Founded in 1976. It is one of Sonoma County’s most beautiful estate, located in the cool, foggy Green Valley. 

Our tour will let you enjoy the beauty and originality of our land and you will feel the warmth of these memories for long years ahead.