Half Day Wine Country Tour

$165 for Senior
$119 for Kids

( for non-drinkers )

24-hours refund policy

About Tour

We invite you to spend a day away from the noisy city in a calm and relaxing environment. Our excursion in Sonoma that includes tasting the best kind of wine, will become an unforgettable journey that will remain in your memory for a long time. The Magical nature of these places as well as the wine production inside will grant you many memories.

What to expect:

  • We will help you to get acquainted with sophisticated wines of California in the most solid mansions of Sonoma Valley.
  • You will visit perfect wine cellars where you will be able to taste unique kinds of wine.
  • You will meet with genius winemakers of the region.
  • Walk around vineyards of the Valley.
  • Unique shots from the world famous Valley.

We will stop immediately after crossing the Golden Gate to take pictures of

the Bridge and SF Bay near the monument called Lone Saylor. Sonoma Valley is located just around 30 minutes from the Bridge. Close location to the coast makes the climate a bit chilly and the taste peculiarities of Sonoma wines unique in the region. The diversity of landscapes and soils in Sonoma contribute to picking special kinds of wines, from subtle Pinot Noir and fresh Sauvignons to rich tastes. Our wine tasting tour will become a real gastronomic journey that will include tasting rare kinds of wine and great food matching exceptionally to wine picked!

We chose the most sophisticated wineries for our trip where you will be able to enjoy the unique tastes of wines from Chardonnays with its intense woody notes in its taste and aroma that will become an ideal match for seafood, to pinot noir with tea and cherry in glittering ruby.

With that you will be able to make an unforgettable photo session in the region of the US, that opens the view of endless rows of vineyards that fill the soft slopes.

After 2 tastings, we will visit historic Sonoma Square. We will give you time to have lunch in one of about 50 different restaurants, to see the last 21st California Mission and Sonoma Baracks, and visit local souvenir shops and Art Galleries. It was once the northernmost point of Mexico, where the Bear Flag Revolt took place in 1846 which eventually lead to the founding of the short lived Republic of California.

You get:

  • A competent guide who will open the doors of Sonoma Valley and get you acquainted to retrospective wineries of the region;
  • Comfortable luxury transport, that will take you from San Francisco to Sonoma and then back to your pick-up point;
  • We take care about you by putting bottled water into every bus;
  • Opportunity to taste and purchase sophisticated types of wine from globally recognized producers;
  • Breathtaking views of Sonoma Valley.

Questions remaining?

With pleasure we will reply to all your questions and take into account all your wishes. Ask and share your preferences on our chat.

We pick our customers up 

1. from Downtown: at 11:30 – 11:45
2. from Fisherman’s Wharf: 11:45 – 12:00 
Tour Duration: 7 hours
*we don’t drive through Market street for pick up. 



Wine Country Tours Review


  • Small Group

Pick up from your hotel in SF
11:30 – 11:45 – Downtown SF
11.45 – 12:00 – Fisherman’s Wharf


Golden Gate Bridge
Stop: 5-10 minutes 

  • Taking pictures
  • Bathrooms

First Winery
Stop: 1 hour


Lunch on Sonoma Square
Stop: 1 hour


Second Winery
Stop: 1 hour


Return to your Hotel in
San Francisco