Combo Tour: Muir Woods & Sausalito + Half-Day Wine Country

$195 for Senior
$149 for Kids
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About Tour

Is there anything more enjoyable and interesting than visiting one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Muir Woods National Park, and after that, spending the second part of the
day on an unforgettable trip to Sonoma, which includes tasting some of the best varieties of

This day will definitely stay in your memories because during the trip you will be able to take
lots of cool pictures.

Our journey to the forest will start at a hotel in the center of the city or at Fisherman Wharf,
where we will then proceed to the Golden Gate Bridge. 

After crossing the Bridge, we will stop by the Lobe Sailor at the Vista Point where you can take some awesome pictures of the great views of the bridge, bay, and downtown.

25 minutes later we will arrive at Muir Woods:
Muir woods monument is

  • A grove of coastal redwoods;
  • There are no ocean views in the woods and it is usually embraced by a layer of coastmist

It contains a combination of several trails with diverse levels of difficulty. Their total length
is about 10 kilometers. Main trails form an extremely refined part of the park containing
wood-covered boardwalks and packed native soil.

Approximately for 1 hour 15 minutes.
You will be able to dive into nature and walk through marvelous wood trails and study the
interesting plants and enjoy the smell of real wood freshness.
Old-growth coastal redwoods are the tallest trees on Earth. They reach a height of 380 ft. or
130 meters. Some of the trees are 1200 years old and they can live for more than 2000

It is highly possible to meet squirrels, chipmunks, turkeys and deer.

The main boardwalk lies along a redwood creek that falls into the ocean just 3 miles down
from the woods. After the start of winter rains the stream turns into a deep river that washes out the beach and opens up the way for salmon and trout that swim upstream for spawning in Muir

There is a café and a gift shop where you can choose from a huge variety of books and
souvenirs starting from magnets to sequoia sprouts that can be planted in your yard!
After marvelous views of the forest, we will visit Sausalito for an hour, which can be seen on
the way to the woods.

Lots of tourists consider this town one of the most beautiful in the world. It is covered by a
mountain from ocean winds that’s why the weather here is warmer than in the city.
Sausalito’s infrastructure is so diverse that there is something for everyone: art galleries, gift
shops, numerous cafes with different types of dishes, restaurants, and types of dishes,
restaurants, and marinas.

Sausalito has views that can take your breath away. It resembles the Amalfi coast of Italy.
A shipyard was constructed within a record short period of time in 1942, where Liberty
Ships, ordered by the US and British Governments, were constructed. One of them, the
National Liberty Ship Memorial, the one that took part in Allied landings at Normandy is put
for eternal parking at Fisherman’s wharf in SF. Remember Rosy the Riveter from the WWII
poster? She worked here.
The hippy movement started at the end of the 60s in SF. They seized the remnants of the
shipyard that had been abandoned after the war and found villages water that are inhabited
by around 400 families.

After a heartfelt walk in Sausalito, our guide from another bus will take you away to visit
Sonoma Valley. You will go above houses placed on the hillsides in the Sausalito marinas and will head north through the hilly valleys of Marin county.

Beautiful Sonoma valley starts just 35 minutes from the bridge, the location of the first
winery in California. The close proximity to the coast makes the climate a bit chilly (not in
The magic nature of these places as well as their wine production will provide you with a
bouquet of impressions.

What to expect:

  • You will get acquainted with sophisticated wines of California in 2 different wineries.

Price includes

  • Tasting unique types of wine.
  • Meet genius winemakers of the region.
  • Walk around the vineyards of the valley.
  • Take unique pictures from the world-famous valley.

The diversity of landscapes and soils in Sonoma will contribute to the choice of special types
of wines starting from sophisticated Pinot Noir to fresh sauvignons.
For the continuation of our trip, we chose the most exquisite wineries, where you will be
able to enjoy the unique tastes of wines from Chardonnay with its intense woody notes of
taste and aroma that pairs well with seafood, to Pinot Noir, with tea and cherry in its shiny
ruby color.

Thanks to that you will be able to make an unforgettable photo session in the main green
region of the USA, with views of endless straight rows of vineyards, covering soft gentle
slopes that rest on the Pacific Coast.

After 2 wine tasting sessions or between them, we will visit historical Sonoma square. You
will have time to have lunch in one of approximately 20 different restaurants. Afterwards,
you can visit the last 21st Californian Mission and Sonoma barracks, and visit the local gift
shops and art galleries.

And after looking at marvelous views of Muir Woods and Sausalito, visiting Sonoma Valley,
and tasting brilliant types of wine we will come back home on the same comfortable bus
accompanied by an interesting guide.

The duration of the combined tour is about 10 hours and can vary depending on circumstances and traffic.




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