Tour de Forest


I’m closing my eyes, as our guide talks and picturing Muir Woods as they might have looked, smelled and sounded thousands of years ago.

Brighter or darker?  Darker, I think.  They would have been more dense.   A “something-saurus” trumpets her presence, perhaps calling her babies and shaking the ground as she hunts for them.


Breath-stopping odors! Eeue! Disgusting! (Nothing like today with the clean, delicious scent of green and sequoia wafting around.)

And the humidity back then was dreadful. 24 hour-a-day sauna! No wonder nostrils were so big around here. You would have needed a nose-full to get oxygen where it could have done any good. Oh, large lungs in large bodies. I get it. They needed to be large to survive the climate.

So I’m looking up at these huge trees with my eyes open and tree-dweller1-300x143picturing what might have lived in them back then … when squirrels wouldn’t have had a chance. Sloths? Uh-uh. What then? tree-dweller Oh, yes, there is something I remember dimly—looks like a bat and a lizard got together and had a kite. Kind of like this.

The trees themselves are incredibly large and not real handy to climb. You’d need a bunch of rope and pitons … like climbing a mountain, knowing it’s a long way to fall once you’re up there. Kind of wish they’d rig some hanging chairs on ropes and pulleys (a la ski resorts) just under the canopies. How neat would that be? Yes, I saw it in a movie called “Medicine Man”—one of those great Sean Connery flicks you can’t watch too often for scenes like that—where they were flying through the canopies on ropes. Let’s lobby…

I’m also thinking that when man came along, the trees would have Muir-Woodsmade great places to live. This is one of those magical places where anything can happen and probably did.

Our guide has filled our heads with facts and forest lore that make us want to throw a “high-hide” up and see what happens when the tourists leave. The nocturnal action must be fascinating. I wonder if the rangers have sensor cameras set up. You have to have really good luck to get decent night shots.

Well, we’re headed to the gift shop to see what kind of memorabilia they have that we can’t live without. What a great surprise! All of the items they offer celebrate Muir Woods and any one of which would make a forever memory of this lovely trip to the woods.

Picnic-in-Muir-Woods1We’re coming back. This is the kind of place where meditation is a natural response. On the way home we discussed the idea of having our church group out here in this forest cathedral. Picnic in Muir Woods So now I’m also thinking about our book club doing occasional picnic meetings. Definitely worth the trip and the time to set up. More lobbying…

As the Taste of San Francisco and Beyond’s excellent tour to Muir Woods draws to a close, we realize there’s nothing like a large dose of fresh air to push the R-E-L-A-X buttons. It’s suddenly gotten awfully quiet in our vehicle. I think I’ll wear my woodsy-aroma clothes to bed …

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