Wine Country Tour

On a Wine Country Tour from a Vintner’s View

Before your wine tour, you may not know that wine-making is an ancient craft, seriously begun before any historical records were kept in a part of the world that has our attention even today. . . yes, the mid-east. Although China “brewed” the first wine almost 7,000 years ago, it wasn’t the serious undertaking it became in ancient Babylon and subsequently Rome. We get a close look at the process with a visit to one of California’s renowned wineries, courtesy of a Wine Country Tour from San Francisco.

The modern version of the craft is performed by individuals who have a passion for process—for the excitement that grows with each year the bottle sleeps and dreams its way toward the day when its contents are allowed to meet the air for the first time. Of course there is the mid-process opportunity, when the wine leaves the barrel for the bottle. You can bet not only tasting, but color and aroma checking is going on then. And these guys know, with the smallest of sips, whether there’s a jewel in the making or a major unexpected turn has occurred and steps will need to be taken (like a foray into the cooking wine business)—a process few of us would have the patience to endure, nor the all-in attitude to sustain. Think about the Wine Country Tour as an exciting introduction to the vintner’s experience.

Wine Country Tour

Napa Wine Country

The San Francisco wine tour that follows the scenic drive through the hills of Napa Wine Country, is simply Old World charming and the first winery tour is an experience that goes up in the not-to-be-forgotten list. The aging caves are the best thing on the tour, where you are stunned by the sight of so-many-to-count barrels of wine as they line the walls, appearing as though they go on forever.

The caves really are caves, hollowed out of the hillside and lined with gunite, the same material used to form swimming pools.

The cave-room you share with A Taste of San Francisco and Beyond fellow visitors to this winery is spectacular. Splendid chandeliers, crystal and candelabra with glass globes that look antique and, once more, an Old World ethos charms the senses. Elegant, tables hold trays of bread and cheese to bring out the ultimate experience in traditional wine tasting. So very proper for your Napa Wine Country tour.