Wine Country Tour

Napa Wine Country Winery

Some wineries are “barn conversions” that fortify and add onto the original structure, which makes for an interesting setting for a Napa Wine Country winery. There are other wineries that start from the ground up, with a unique design that seems almost to have always been there. . .

Topping the first hill inNapa wine countrya chorus of soft “Oh’s!” escapes from travelers taking in the panorama of graceful hills and valleys blanketed with neat rows of trellised grapes, running in uncooperative directions, that define one vineyard from another.

“So serene,” said one of the women, sighing, “I could die here.”

“But full of life,” said her friend, “I’d rather live here.”

“Let’s stop and take some pictures,” a pragmatic husband suggested.

Their guide (from A Taste of San Francisco and Beyond) was smiling when he said, “The best views are just ahead.”

Wine Country Tour

Napa Wine Country Tour

Journey with us on one of our wine tours San Francisco through a landscape that begs to be captured for posterity on your trip.

The hills appear around the road one by one as the sun burns off the highest fog. Driving through the Napa wine country hills and into the valleys is a magical experience. It is a kingdom unto itself with rows and rows of vines growing across the slopes, not perpendicular as you might imagine. From the air it’s as if Prometheus’ comb has run its teeth through the ground making rows so perfect, with exact distances between them, at once seeming to be an engineer’s topographical mapping and an artist’s sensitive hand on the land.

Napa wine country holds such an attraction for some that it must be included in one of life’s premier events… the wedding. What is more romantic than getting married in a vineyard? All sorts of connotations are there to give a marriage a good start. Fruitful, is one, sweet as wine, another. You get the idea, so we won’t go on. The aroma of the grapes fills the air, lending a grace note to the occasion. Not to be soon forgotten, this wedding.

Wine Country Tour

Napa Wine Country Impromptu

Friends had just pulled into the driveway and were unloading a trunk-full of fresh produce. We gawked and oohed and ahed over the gorgeousness of all this bounty. Guess our drooling made them take pity on us and they found a bag—a big bag, at that—and generously filled it to the brim.

“We had you in mind,” they said.

“Where did you get all this?” we asked.

“Thought we told you we were taking a little Napa wine country tour this week-end.”

“A tour? What tour?”

“A Taste of San Francisco and Beyond—and they weren’t kidding! Napa-Farmers-MarketTurned out we went through Napa and stopped at their Farmer’s Market. It was wonderful. Everything looked so delicious and, of course, the armomas were irresistible.