Silicon Valley Private Tour

Visit campuses of Oracle, Facebook, Google and Apple. Take a walking tour of Stanford University. See the house of Steve Jobs and HP Garage, where Silicon Valley Started.

  • Tour will start driving down the 101 with a short history of the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.
  • Visit the Oracle Corporation Headquarters, known as the “Emerald City” in Redwood Shores. Take pictures with Trimaran Yacht of Larry Ellison. You will learn the story how he returned the America’s Cup back home after 15 years.
  • Drive through both Facebook campuses in Menlo Park. Take pictures in front of Facebook Like sign. You will see two FACEBOOK Campuses in Menlo park, The new one, MPK20 and the old one, that used to be the Sun Microsystems campus. You will learn why SUN’s logo is on the back of Facebook sign.
  • Pass by the home of Steve Jobs in Palo Alto. Hear the Apple Story.
  • Stop in front of the Garage where Hewlett-Packard made the first oscillator. This is the Birthplace of Silicon Valley.
  • Spend an hour and a half with a student guide exploring the highlights of Stanford University’s beautiful campus.
    Main Quad. Historic and Academic Center.
    Memorial Church of All Religions.
    William Gates Computer Science Building.
    David Packard Electrical Engineering Building.
    Athletic Facilities.
    Rodin Sculpture Garden.
    Cantor Arts Center.
    Books and Souvenirs store.
  • Have lunch at restaurant of your choice on University Avenue in Palo Alto (cost of lunch is not included in the experience price).
  • Visit Google Campus. Take pictures with Android.
  • Visit the New Apple Visitor Center.
    Shop Apple products and souvenirs sold only here. Make pictures. Coffee time.
    From Observation Deck, see the New Apple Headquarters, 3rd most expensive building in the world.
  • We will drive you back to your hotel or place of residence in San Francisco.

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