Napa Wine Country Impromptu


Friends had just pulled into the driveway and were unloading a trunk-full of fresh produce. We gawked and oohed and ahed over the gorgeousness of all this bounty.  Guess our drooling made them take pity on us and they found a bag—a big bag, at that—and generously filled it to the brim.

“We had you in mind,” they said.

“Where did you get all this?” we asked.

“Thought we told you we were taking a little Napa wine country tour this week-end.”

“A tour?  What tour?”

“A Taste of San Francisco and Beyond—and they weren’t kidding!  Napa-Farmers-MarketTurned out we went through Napa and stopped at their Farmer’s Market. It was wonderful.  Everything looked so delicious and, of course, the armomas were irresistible.”

They told us all about their san francisco wine tours trip with Taste… Just bubbling over with enthusiasm how they’d stopped at several wineries then going through the town of Napa, they spotted the Farmer’s Market.


“It’s a good thing there was plenty of storage in our tour vehicle,” she said.  “We just hollered ‘Stop!’ and the guide stopped, grinned and said he’d leave out the scenic photo shoot, We jumped out and grabbed up what we liked as fast as we could and munched our way to the next winery.  Six of us in the car—laughing at the way we were stuffing our faces. It was great and we loved the impromptu feeling of just getting out and doing something not scheduled on the regular tour.  I think they make room for things like that on their tours.  Has us feeling more like friends than customers.”

“Sounds exciting.  Hm… I’m thinking we should give them a try.”

“Oh, you should!  Especially listening to all the great facts and stats the guide tells you. That was another thing we liked.  He seemed to know all these intimate little stories about each winery that made us feel less like strangers and more like guests when we got there.”

This was sounding better and better. We had an anniversary coming up and husband had said something about renewing our vows…maybe in a wine country chapel or something sweet like that.  Loved the idea, so I asked.

“So, if you had a chance you’d use this same tour group again?”

“You bet. Our guide was so nice about us jumping ship for awhile.  Why?  What’s on your mind?”

“Just thinking about our wedding vow renewal and thought you might like to come along and witness us making fools out of ourselves over each other all over again and on a tour, no less.”

“Just excellent—too excellent!  What about inviting Josh and April?  Think they’d want to join us?”

Well, now I’m gushing, “I’ll call them tonight.  And what tour should we take?”

“Let’s have coffee next week and put it to a vote.”

“Done and done,” I said.  This was really going to be a special occasion.  Maybe the guide could spend the night and tour us back to town.  Can’t wait to see what kind of fun we can get into …

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