Biodynamic Wine Tour from San Francisco

A Boutique Destination Wine Tour from San Francisco

Benziger’s Winery Wine Tour from San Francisco
Benziger’s Winery
Wine Tour from
San Francisco

With a charming welcome sign and a gorgeous outdoor introduction, theBenziger Family Winerybestows a rich experience on their guests who have taken the wine tour from San Francisco.  When the weather is lovely (which it often is) guests can make their selections in the very serious wine tasting room and wander to the scenic gardens that share the land with the notable vineyard.

Early Days

Benziger’s Gardens Wine Tour from San Francisco
Benziger’s Gardens
Wine Tour from San Francisco

The winery was founded in 1980, when Bob and Joe Benziger put their upscale New York wine shop up for sale and moved to California, where the brothers joined  their brother Mike and his wife in a newly acquired Napa vineyard.  So, in the middle of an economic slump, the Benzigers managed to start a successful winery Out West.

The Sciences

Sentry Post Wine Tour from San Francisco

One of the most interesting features of the winery is the way in which the Benzigers handled the ultimate discovery that the land was not as fertile as it once was.

They have since become one of the region’s renowned all-in organic farmers–to the extent that they are close to religious in their efforts to attract the right birds to eat the right rodents and insects.

Added to that are the flowering plants that attract the good bugs to eat the bad bugs.  And to handle the fertilizer they use harvested waste from the llama and chickens that inhabit their fields.  Talk about lengths!  The Benzigers call it “Biodynamic Farming,” known as the highest form of organic farming, going much further than just eliminating chemicals and aims for a closed farming system. Many kudos to this savvy family


We hope connoisseurs have chosen awine tour from San Franciscoto this winery. Known for their elegantly layered inventory, at the top of the list is their 2008 de Coelo Terra Neuma Vineyard Pinot Noir (Sonoma Coast).  Reviewed for “no lack of richness,”  the wine is branded with cherry, rhubarb, pomegranate, cola and raspberry.  Sound delicious?  It should be with a rating of 96 out of 100!  Selling for $69, theWineEnthusiast recommends that it will “develop bottle complexity over a 6-8-year period.”

For a red wine, the Enthusiastassures us that Benziger’s 2005 Tribute Red (Sonoma Mountain), another top-of-the-list label in which connoisseurs will find total delight. With its “softly lush, complex flavor” and its “power and authority,” it  almost sounds like a corporate CEO, doesn’t it?  But the flavors are a blend of black currants, cedar, with “intricate notes of cherries, violets, tobacco, mocha and beef jerky.”

Mouth-watering!  “Beautiful now, and should develop for a decade,” is the expert recommendation.  Within a few months, we’re almost there!  Lucky for those who’ve held onto this bottle until now.  The price was a cool $80 in 2008.   What a lovely way to celebrate a 25thanniversary, wouldn’t you say?

The Art

Biodynamic Wine Tour from San Francisco
Tasting Chamber Wine Tour from San Francisco

The tasting is also an elegant affair with a menu to make recommendations for certain combinations that will afford the most pleasurable experience.  It’s important to note that you will probably not find Benziger’s for sale in your local wine shop back home.  So, it’s buy now on the wine tour from San Francisco, while you have the chance and perhaps you can afford to order some online for special occasions or when your dinner club is willing to pop for a few bottles… Nice to relive your tour, isn’t it?

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